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Austin Slow Burn Jamaican-Jerk Marinade

Austin Slow Burn has partnered with top-quality food service product distributors to distribute our eight-time, award-winning Austin Slow Burn Jamaican-Jerk Marinade to restaurant kitchens across the Southwest.

No one will ever guess all the fresh spices in our Austin Slow Burn Jamaican-Jerk Marinade. They will simply think you are a genius for using it in your kitchen.  Rest assured that we will keep this tasty time-saver our little secret.

Austin Slow Burn’s Jamaican-Jerk Marinade is a combination of tropical spices, aromatics, citrus, peppers and more to create flavor that is off the charts. It’s a wonderful addition to marinate pork, chicken, beef, seafood, tofu and vegetables.

With the Austin Slow Burn Jamaican-Jerk Marinade at your side, the only limit is your imagination.

Want to order Austin Slow Burn Jamaican-Jerk Marinade service packs for your restaurant kitchen?

Order from one of our distribution partners or email us at to learn more. We can also introduce you to our partner who we work with to concept and create new custom restaurant kitchen marinades or sauces.


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